Monday, January 02, 2006

First One

This is my first blog entry. A close friend of mine has been suggesting that I maintain a blog. So here it goes...

I am a software engineer. I use the web mostly to read about emerging technologies, frameworks, and to search for answers to help my debugging sessions.

One of the sites I recently became addicted to is Reddit. I am not addicted to it simply because I am curious about what other people are reading, but I always find there an interesting list of articles. I also think it's a geek-oriented list. So it suits me fine.

Lately I'm amazed about the Web 2.0 (or should I say WTF 2.0) hype. I see a lot of innovative solutions out there, but they are mostly showcasing extents of Ajax technology. I think the real winner of this new movement is JavaScript. Great libraries (prototype,, etc) have emerged to help this bad boy of programming languages get a facelift. Why do I call Javascript a bad boy? Well, the answer is simple really. Ask any programmer friend you have what they think of javascript. And watch how many grimaces s/he makes before answering. Javascript is, or was, hell to write code in.

Other boosters of Javascript among coders have been Konfabulator and of course Mac OSX widgets.

Which language do I write most of my code in? Well, I use Java...But lately I started getting very annoyed with some of the things that have been going on in the Java world. But that's the subject of another blog.