Friday, April 14, 2006

Nice Java Web Framework

After long technology evaluation sessions, I decided to use Stripes as the web framework for my next project.

I went through so many iterations along the way: JSF, Wicket, Rife and even Ruby on Rails.
But at the end Stripes won my heart for its simplicity and easy Spring integration.
I must also mention that lack of xml configuration files was a big point for Stripes as

At times I find myself thinking : 'why am I killing myself to learn yet another framework? Why not use 'xxx framework' all over again?'. I don't have a very good answer to these questions. I guess most of it is curiosity, some of it is the need to feel like I'm not falling behind following new trends and some of it is just that doing a new project with a framework that I already know how to use is just plain boring.

Hmmm...So doesn't that last point go against productivity? 'Perform your task with the tools you know how to use best. That way you'll produce good solutions in shorter time'. I guess it does a bit. But who cares? System development must be fun. And I'm having most fun when I'm learning new things.

Having said all of that, I think I would have killed Tomcat if it was a man rather than an application server. The damn thing refuses to accept that I want my pages processed with UTF-8!!! Listen to me: UTF-8 I said!.

Back to that now...