Sunday, January 18, 2009

QCall - My First iPhone Application in iTunes Store

While waiting for my iPhone app to be approved by Apple, I wrote a simple utility app called QCall ('Quick Call') and it's been released at iTunes store.

QCall simply presents a 4x5 grid of squares to each of which you can assign a contact phone number for quick dialing and sms sending.

It's a free application. You can download it at :


  1. i can figure out how to assign a button to a phone number, but i cant figure out how to assign it to do an sms. i also cannot figure out how to erase an assignment or to reassign a button.

    So far its a nice fast autodialer, but i need some guidance

  2. to edit/clear the number or send sms simply double-tap on the button

  3. Hi,
    Really love the app, especialy now I've found out how to SMS from it and change or delete it...might be a good idea to have a little info on the App Site re these functions or on the app it self maybe.
    Small grumble..whilst the red W, M etc catergories are great they are sometimes hard to read ..any chance of a colour option..white would be more legable without having to put my reading glasses on.
    Nice one...

  4. Hi ...yes I forget to say that, occassionaly all the 'entries' that have been set up get cleared when I sync my I-phone 3G contacts with Outlook contacts. obviously it only takes a couple of minutes to re enter them on the buttons but its a bit annoying when you want to dial some one quickly and you open the app only to find it blank.
    Still love the app lots.....