Monday, February 23, 2009

QCall is now QDial

I had recently announced the release of QCall.

That release was done under the Apple Developer License. I removed it from the app store and re-released it with my personal developer license ('cagan327') and with a new name: QDial.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Acil (iPhone App) is Number 2 Top Paid App in iTunes Store

As I mentioned here, I recently wrote an iPhone application named 'Acil'. It simply allows people to make emergency calls in Turkey.

When I checked iTunes Store's Turkey branch today, I saw that it made number 2 in the 'Top Paid Apps' list.

I never knew that fame would come this easily to me ;)

From File_column to Paperclip (a.k.a 'No more RMagick')

Today was the 'upgrade to Rails 2.2.2' day at the office. While updating the system, I also replaced the good 'file_column' with the better 'Paperclip' plugin.

There were basically 3 reasons for my choosing paperclip over the other:

1) I won't have to go through the hell of installing RMagick ever again
2) Paperclip doesn't consume nearly as much memory while uploading files
3) is a cleaner syntax than url_for_file_column(@user, "photo")

Thanks to RailsCasts for introducing me to Paperclip.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Emergency calls in Turkey

The fact that there are separate phone numbers for each specific emergency case in Turkey amazes me. If you need to call the police, dial one number; if you need medical help, dial another one. There are even two different phone numbers to report fire and forest fire. Why not make things simple for people and use a 911-like number? So I wrote an iPhone application that makes things a bit easier when one is in trouble.

The application is available here: