Saturday, April 18, 2009

'MeToo': WiFi based chat application for iPhone

Because of (, I find myself thinking frequently about social interactions among strangers.
In Istanbul, a lot of people 'peek' around in their hang-out places using Bluetooth scanning. You scan, you see a list of 'bluetooth names', you pick one and try to create a connection. These people must spend a lot of time coming up with a catchy nickname.

My new iPhone app, MeToo provides a similar service.

Here's what it does:

When you run MeToo, it automatically starts broadcasting you in the WiFi network. (I guess now is a good time to mention that you need a WiFi connection to use MeToo.)

You can update your nickname, your profile image and your gender at any time and as frequently as you want. Your updates are always broadcasted to others running MeToo around you.


The 'Around You' tab shows who else is around you. If there are no users around, you won't see anyone of course. But MeToo constantly scans the network without having to restart it. So it may be a good idea to keep it running in case someone shows up.


When you click on a name to chat, that opens up the chat window and a connection is created. Once connected, you get to see the user's profile picture. If you don't send any message, he/she will never know you connected.
You can send chat messages, photos and if your iPhone allows for it there is even a button to automatically send your phone number to the other user (don't worry there is a confirmation message that appears to make sure you really intend to do so).


Photos appear small in chat message bubbles but you can see bigger versions if you click on them.


MeToo makes a sound when you receive a new message unless you are on the chat window with the sender in which case MeToo vibrates.

MeToo makes also a good effort in trying to figure out if the person you are chatting with logs out suddenly and notifies you.

I must add that this is version 1.0.0 (maybe I should have added another zero at the end). I put quite an effort into it but by no means would I claim it is flawless.

MeToo supports English and Turkish.

You can get it here: